Thursday, February 15, 2007

Fabricated Evidence

Digby shares the results of a careful reading. How can any serious person believe anything these BushCo Bozos claim? The only question in my mind is whether they are are more corrupt than they are incompetent?
Quiddity catches a very interesting choice of words by both the Iranian Ambassador last night on Charlie Rose and President Bush in his press conference today.

First the Ambassador:
The evidence that has been produced, in fact fabricated, is preposterous. The dates. If you look at the evidence, the dates that are used in this mortars are written in American date format, putting month first and date second. Whereas nowhere in the world people use month first and date second. Everywhere in the world except for the U.S. And those who fabricated this evidence should listen and learn. Everybody else in the world uses date, month, year. That is the order.

CHARLIE ROSE: That says what to you?

That this evidence is fabricated, as was the evidence that was fabricated before the Iraq war in order to launch an aggression. This evidence is fabricated and it points to a very dangerous policy that is being pursued by this administration.

CHARLIE ROSE: What is that dangerous policy pursued by this administration?

That dangerous policy is to create a crisis, to escape forward. That is, to blame somebody else for the results of their adventurism, which everybody knew would lead to this disaster.
And then there was the following exchange in Bush's press conference this morning: (emp add)
Q: What assurances can you give the American people that the intelligence this time will be accurate?

BUSH: Ed, we know they're there, we know they're provided by the Quds force. We know the Quds force is a part of the Iranian government. I don't think we know who picked up the phone and said to the Quds force, go do this, but we know it's a vital part of the Iranian government. What matters is, is that we're responding. The idea that somehow we're manufacturing the idea that Iranians are providing IEDs is preposterous.
Quiddity asks:
Interesting. When questioned about the accuracy of the intelligence, Bush did not reply by saying that the collection of evidence was by reliable parties, or that the analysis was thorough. Instead, he spoke about manufacturing evidence, denying that it took place.
I suspect that's what came up at his morning briefing and he just blurted it out because he's an idiot.

Still, it's hard for me to believe that even these people can be this inept, but it appears they can. There can be no reasonable explanation for the "bad coordination" between Baghdad on Sunday and Pace and now Bush today. And the "proof" is so suspicious that you honestly cannot take it seriously.

When a great nation has proved to everyone in the world that its leaders are liars and bumblers and its intelligence services are, at best, toadies and at worst totally incompetent, you not only have to reach the normal threshold of proof, you have to be unassailable. This government has zero credibility.

It's almost as if they are trying to make fools of themselves. Maybe they think if they behave like inept amateurs over and over again it will entice the Iranians to make a mistake. It's the only thing that makes sense at this point. No administration can be this incapable.

Can it?


Blogger liberal journal man said...

"The only question in my mind is whether they are are more corrupt than they are incompetent?"

Corrupt, Bill, corrupt. A) The incompetent label is more advantageous for their side, and B) Painting a plane UN colors so Saddam could attack it and America would be fooled into supporting the war is sinister. There isn't an ounce of incompetence there. So if they're doing, ostensibly, the same thing with this Iran crap...

4:42 PM  
Blogger Bill said...

I agree that they are incredibly corrupt. I'd even call them evil. This whole Middle Easter misadventure is PNAC stuff which I have written about here and here and here (the last two with a H/T to you). While their real goal was never what they told us it was, they are also incompetent and have not fully achieved it (permanent Republican power and friendly puppet in Iraq).

But, you are right... they are more corrupt than incompetent.

11:56 PM  

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