Wednesday, February 14, 2007

How to deal with Rightwingnuts.

The incomparable driftglass is sick and tired of Right-wing nutjobs getting unopposed airtime. In a reaction to one such egregious example, driftglass enlightens and entertains us the following driftglassian gem:
However last month it puked up a specific genre of wingnut crazy in a way which I found both particularly poisonous and particularly instructive, especially in light of the very public treachery that ambulatory insult to Christ -- William A. Donohue -- and his Konservative Knights of Katholicism are trying to get away with.

It is that particularly fanatical, malicious gibberish that Conservatives seem to come with these days right out of the box. Like some kind of Fucktard Firmware, there isn’t even any pretense of give-and-take anymore from those dotty homunculi that still cling to their fatally failed Preznit and their dreams of a White, Christian, post-Islamicide world.

A place where Fatherland Security finally gets those fucking teenagers off their lawn, and the dirty hippies have all been drafted, buzz-cut and sent off with a sack full of Lunchables on cardboard Hummers as cannon fodder in the Dubya’s Forever War.

No these days they just open their mouths and the most a-mazingly poisonous, unfiltered bile just comes rocketing out of their rotting hearts and rickety souls.


This is not the entire show, but this particular exchange (a rush transcript, but very close to verbatim. With emphasis added by me) is one of the clearest and most utterly contemptible demonstration to-date of exactly what the Sekrit GOP Iraqi exit strategy is:
Loudly blame the press for being traitorous and the Democrats who “want us to lose”.

Using lies and fearmongering and a propaganda campaign that would have made Joseph Goebbels weep with envy, the Republican Party – spearheaded by Dick Cheney and George Bush – have ruined Iraq. They absolutely own that failure.

But anyone of honor or value has long been centrifuged out of Jerry Falwell’s Clown Car, leaving behind a viscous heap of cowards, traitors, morons and moochers who have once again created a bloody mess that Democrats must now staunch and clean up as best we can. What we absolutely do not need is more council from the same liars and lunatic that drove Iraq off the cliff in the first place.


Have Democrats stopped beating their wives yet?

The proper response is to stand up and call Geraghty a fascist cocksucker to his face and then read him the riot act.


This is not a debate.

Our adversary’s motives are despicable or perverse or simply insane. Based on twenty years’ of overwhelming evidence, they clearly feel no compunction about lying. About slandering. About cheating. And there is clearly no penalty when they lie and cheat and slander.

Because their ideology is not a lamp unto the world or a road winding towards greater enlightenment and compassion. Their ideology is a Beast God they worship, and in it’s service all things are permitted.


What you never do is argue on their terms.


Instead you turn to Dumont and demand to know what his mental or moral defect is that he lets lying fascists on his show?

You demand to know why he thinks the preening imbeciles who destroyed our country’s good name, bankrupted our treasury and have let 3,100 Americans die behind their lies should be allowed to say one fucking word about anything.

You say – louder and louder and over and over – that if George W. Bush were the paid agent of a foreign power he could not have done more long-term damage to this nation than he has done. That at this late date, those who still stand with him and cheer him on are clearly either retarded or insane or for some reason just get off on seeing soldier die.

That our foreign policy has become nothing more or less than the cowards and sociopaths who run the GOP making one wild, reckless gamble after another with other people’s lives.

That when their bloody wagers don’t pay off they insist on doubling down – again, and again, and again – with other people’s money and children. And now – like every stone, vicious drunk I have ever met -- these cornered rats have the fucking nerve to say that if we don’t let them continue to shoot drunken craps with our blood and treasure forever that somehow we are to blame for their catastrophe.

Republicans have become the political equivalent of the Soviets of the 21st century: a decadent and failed anti-democratic ideology clinging to power by the drastic magnification and manipulation of fear of external and internal enemies, brute force and lies. And whose increasingly unhinged ravings only make “sense” to fellow Kool Aid chugging inhabitants of their hermetically sealed ideological Bell Jar.

One good push and down they’ll go, but finding, funding and keeping those who can do the pushing is now the job at hand.


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