Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"No more blank checks for President Bush on Iraq"

Nancy Peolsi is smart. Listen to her here:

As TPM reader freespeak says:
She let the Senate go first, and the GOP Senate flubbed it. So, she can now get away with an up-or-down vote in the House, in the branch of Congress where she has the power to do that. But she graciously gave everyone 5 minutes to make his or her case.

So, she exposes the talking points of the GOP, because none of them really has anything original to say, except the exact same arguments that didn't convince anyone in November. Then she starts out by making a statement in support of the troops so that shouldn't be in question, and she doesn't question anyone's patriotism who doesn't agree with her so that shouldn't be in question, and that Bush encouraged a debate in a time of war so that shouldn't be in question.

And now what does the GOP have left to argue in favor of Bush's escalation? Stuff like Iraq started it! I think the debate is great. No bumper sticker comments. Instead... Go ahead, try to defend this President in front of the voters.


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