Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I have been a big fan of Billmon for several years as you can tell from my many links to his posts in my short time as a blogger. In fact, he was the first blogger I sent money to support. It now seems that he has finally acted on what he said he might do and that was, pack it in. His blog is gone (though most the text is archived here, thanks to Miguel de Icaza).

I once wrote that he had his own special style and, with a worldly-wise, big-picture view, he paints us a picture which is striking both for its realism and for its darkness. He had a way of telling it like it is -- raw, honest to the point of making us uncomfortable (and why shouldn't we be uncomfortable?) and filled with a certain hopelessness but so good that you have no right not to read it.

His departure reminds me of something allegedly written on a gravestone: "I always knew this was going to happen". I'm going to miss his funny, articulate, sardonic wisdom.


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