Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Talking Bush

Driftglass made this prediction before Boy George's text reading tonight:
So the Man in the Blue Surge Suit will have his say tomorrow night. And unless he’s going to fall down, start spontaneously speaking in Churchillian glossolalia, and shock and awe us all with an Iron Burka Speech girded by a sudden gift for precision guided forensics on the order of Henry V’s St. Crispin's Day Address, this is the last speech of note of his career.

Well, until he quits.

Quits, crawls into a Midland titty bar, and spends the rest of his days raging drunk and whining about how Nancy Pelosi and the internets lost Iraq.

That speech will be one for the ages, but until then he has tomorrow night to re-brand a disaster that he has already spent the last three years using all the power of his Imperial Presidency choking down our throats until our national gag reflex will not allow one more bite.

So unless Dubya’s marketing plan for his New Huế Forward involves promising unlimited free pussy, Porches, and punkin’ pie to every man in America, America has already test-driven this shitwagon and wants no part of it. (Sorry ladies; his faith keeps him from promising you anything but the opportunity to submit obediently to your Christopath husbands and dutifully breed Christopath babies.)

Because in droves people are now blowing right on past that smelly, Lieberman/McCain tar pit of fake centrism and Friedmanic “One more shot for six more months” bullshit.

After a steady diet of criminal incompetence wrapped in smirking, transparent lies, citizens in huge numbers are showing up starved for a little truth and a little reality.

The November up-ending of the GOP Snake Oil Wagon was not primarily about meth smoking, rent-boi-ass-matadoring Evangelicals, although that helped. Not about a perp conga-line a block long composed entirely of shrill, lifetime members of the Party of Personal Responsibility. Not just about the Macaca hitting the fan.

Not just about an overpowering, basal hypocrisy that rots in the bones of modern, self-righteous Republicans.

It was about the war.

How do I know?

Because I can read a poll.


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