Friday, December 08, 2006

Who asked you?

I've been reading a lot about the Iraq Study Group's report about what should be done about Iraq and, as I feared, there isn't anything in it to feel excited about. As Glenn Greenwald and others have said, what else could you have expected from such a group? Their report flies in the face of the evidence on the ground and of the will of the public manifested in the election results. But there is something else that bugs me about all of this... by what right does the U.S. think that it has a right to determine what the proper course of action in Iraq should be?

Further to the home invasion analogy for the American invasion and occupation of Iraq that I wrote about earlier, it seems to me that the only legitimate course of action for the U.S. now is to raise its hands in the air and confess: "we were wrong, we're sorry", to promise that: "we will cease and desist" and to ask: "what would you have us do now?" This question will be directed primarily to those unfortunate souls living and dying in the former Iraq but also to all those with an interest in a stable Middle East -- to the world community. They should decide what happens now.

It is simply not legitimate for the war criminals to have a say in the what should happen from here on. They should certainly be involved in "paying" and "doing" but not in the "deciding" that GWB was previously so fond of. No one should be asking the opinions of, or listening to the advice of, the perpetrator who should be being led away in 'cuffs. Use your one phone call, GWB, to call a lawyer and start working on your temporary insanity plea.

Can we please stop listening to these people who got it so wrong? It's time to wake up from this bad dream, this temporary insanity, and start doing the right thing.


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