Sunday, December 03, 2006

Just sayin'

Earlier, I made the statement that "hard as it may be to believe, the chaos that BushCo has caused in Iraq makes rational Iraqis conclude that they would have been better off under Saddam". I've been thinking about this as the weather gets colder and I remember our vigils in winter months of 2003 protesting the prospect of an American invasion of Iraq. Yes, think about that... at that time it hadn't happened yet -- all those things that I feared would happen (correctly, as it turned out, sad to say) were still avoidable... oh, what might have been... *sigh*

Anyway, I remember one person shouting at us "Why are you supporting Saddam?" and, after the invasion, I recall other people trying to shame us by saying: "Would you rather that Saddam was still in power?"

Think about that for a minute... the honest, literal answer now is 'Yes' by all measurable indicators I can think of e.g. life expectancy, personal safety, access to medical care, civil rights, available electricity, access to potable water, educational opportunities, women's rights, even the price & availability of gasoline for crying out loud! By all measurable indicators, the people of Iraq actually would be better off under that despicable tyrant, Saddam Hussein, than they are now after three and a half years of American occupation!

If that isn't the definition of utter failure, I don't know what is...

Oh... my... gawd...!!!


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