Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It's something

Earlier, I wrote about how George Will deliberately mislead his readers about what happened during the exchange that GWB sought out with Jim Webb. Well, it seems that Howie Kurtz has issued a mild rebuke and, while it ain't much, as Greg Sargent says, "we'll take it".

Today a Post reader asked Kurtz in the chat about the omission: "Why hasn't the Post issued a correction to George Will's column on Jim Webb? Is misrepresentation by omission acceptable for columnists?"

Here's the key part of Kurtz's reply:

It seems to me there was a key omission in which Bush preceded his response to Webb's get-them-out-of-Iraq comment by saying, "I didn't ask you that." That does make clear that both men, not just Webb, were being snippy.

That is nowhere near as hard-hitting as it should be, given the nature of Will's clear-cut and obviously deliberate effort to deceive Post readers. But still, we'll take it: After all, this came amid a hurried chat with readers, Kurtz and Will are colleagues, and Kurtz did accuse Will of a "key omission."


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