Saturday, December 02, 2006

Time to put and end to "Corruption, Cronyism and Incompetence"

Digby thinks that the Dems need to take advantage of the opportunity they have with Congressional investigative powers and not squander it as the pundits would have them do in the spirit of forgive and forget. I think that the Dems got elected because the American voting public had had enough of BushCo's "Corruption, Cronyism and Incompetence" and, if they want to ensure that it doesn't continue, they'd better hold the guilty parties to account. As Digby puts it:
This is a rare opportunity for the Democrats to properly expose the Republicans for the crooks they are --- and dispell the myth once and for all that they are the wise stewards of the taxpayers money.
Digby cites an article by Jason Vest which declares the Pentagon to be the worst run federal agency and goes on to say:
The level of corruption and mismanagement is so overwhelming that it's almost impossible to believe that Republicans who built their careers screaming "tax and spend liberals!" have the nerve to even slink around the beltway like the lying weasels they are. Chutzpah doesn't even begin to cover it.


This issue touches every aspect of the Republican cock-up of the last six years from the insistence on tax cuts for the rich in the face of wartime spending, to corruption, malfeasance and failure. It will illustrate better than any other issue the fact that Republicans in both the congress and the White House are incapable of seriously dealing with the threats we actually face and are willing to steal the treasury blind whenever they get their hands on the check book no matter what the circumstances. The polls showed that corruption was a salient issue for voters this time but they are only aware of the tip of the iceberg. Now is the time to tattoo this image on the foreheads of every Republican office holder in the country.


These people have shown over and over again that they will rob the citizens of this country blind and then blame it on black people or single mothers or the working man who didn't happen to be born rich. The Dems have a chance to turn that back on them for a generation if they do this right.


If over the next two years the Democrats can peel back the curtain on the deals that were made, the American people might just recognize that we cannot afford to allow any more of these con-artists and screw-ups to run the country.


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