Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Win or Lose?

I was watching CNN last night to see how they would cover the looming Lamont victory and I gave up after listening to Wolf and his pack going on and on about the "big shakeup" in the Israeli military's Northern Command. But one thing I did notice was one of their infamous polls -- the ones that are displayed at the bottom of the screen -- this one asking the question: Do you think that the U.S. will win the war in Iraq?

It blew me away. What the hell did it mean? What war? the current Iraqi civil war? WTF? I mean, the Americans invaded Iraq, defeated the Iraqi army, deposed Saddam and ensured that there were no WMD (snerk). The war (Major Combat Operations) was over. The problem with "the plan" was that, as a consequence of this "victory", the ethnic hostility that Saddam's iron fist had previously constrained was unleashed into a cauldrons of chaos, destruction and anti-American resentment (to put it mildly) that was the legacy of the American occupiers. The result was civil war.

So let's go back, shall we? "Do you think that the U.S. will win the war in Iraq?" Uh, nope. They're not fighting a war in Iraq. They are the occupiers (remember, Liberators! but more accurately the owners, as in you broke it, now you own it) of Iraq and sitting in the middle of a civil war. If I remember correctly, the vote was: 47% Yes, 48% No. This tells me that 5% got it right.

I wrote earlier that, for some time now, the prime function of the American occupying forces has been little more that just trying to stay alive. This has been the case for a couple of years now and the only reason they haven't had their poor sacrificial asses hauled out of there is that Frat-Boy Prez refuses to admit he was wrong* or maybe there really is a hidden agenda. He has said that it's steady as she goes until 2008 when, presumably, another President (this one with some integrity) will acknowledge that this whole adventure has been a colossal FUBAR from the get-go and s/he will then apologize, retreat and hope that a genuine attempt at making restitution will diminish the likelihood of war crimes prosecutions.

* that these poor buggers have to die for a lie.


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