Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Today marks the beginning of Year Five of the Iraqi Invasion

Four years and counting...

We are still being asked to "give some time" to this ill-conceived and now FUBARed invasion and occupation. It's like listening to a madman who has jumped off the roof and is now screaming: Things are getting better.

Why anyone thinks that the people who started this have any right to even have an opinion on what to do now on Iraq, let alone, to have right to continue to make decisions, is beyond me.

Impeach these evil misanthropes now...!

In a piece at Salon called What a Difference Four Years Make, after making fun of the insufferable Christopher Hitchens who wrote "the Arab street did explode, but with the joy of freedom", Joan Walsh concludes with:
My trip down memory lane isn't meant to say, "We told you so," even though we did. It's also to make sure that while we're remembering the lies that led us to war, and all the lives lost as a result, that we don't forget the bullying and intimidation by the right wing, and the passivity of many Democrats and mainstream media outlets, that helped the White House win the early rhetorical battles that made the war possible.


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