Thursday, February 01, 2007

You Go, Glenn!

I have linked to no one more that to Glenn Greenwald. He is consistently bang-on -- articulate, reasoned, informed, passionate, principled and prolific. He's moving to and I wish him well. He's been blogging full time for some time and I expect that supporting himself has been a significant consideration in making this decision. Reading his work daily for so long, I have felt obligated to have supported him financially in the past and will continue to read him every day whether by spending my time with the ads or my money with a premium subscription. Glenn explains:
Beginning next Thursday, February 8, this blog will be moving to Salon, where it will be a featured front-page blog (full access to Salon is available by subscribing or for free, by clicking through an ad to obtain a 24 hour day pass). I will also be a Salon Contributing Writer and will write (at least) one feature article per month. I am very excited about this move. It will substantially increase the readership and enhance the visibility for the blog, and I think Salon is the ideal venue for both blogging and for writing. [...]

Other than some design changes (actually, design improvements), the content of this blog will remain exactly the same. The first term I negotiated with Salon was complete editorial freedom -- no editorial interventions, no topic "assignments," and no content, length or topic restrictions. I can post when and how frequently I want, and I have access to post 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and posting is immediate. In essence, Salon wants to publish this blog, not some modified or constrained version, and so I have exactly the same freedom to post there that I have here.


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