Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Who ya' going to believe, me... or your lyin' eyes?

Digby on the hyping of the Iranian "threat":
I think the thing I hate the most about Republicans is how they insult your intelligence and then dare you to challenge them on it. They installed that silly, little boy in the white house and forced us all to pretend that he was a competent leader for years or risk being called a traitor or worse even as we watched him drive the country into the ditch. They lied right in our faces about the "gathering threat" of Iraq and now they are trying to shove this bucket of swill down out throats:


One of the problems with being exposed as a liar over and over again is that you have no credibility. We've been here before and we know that they used no-fly-zone flights to try to provoke Saddam. They even discussed the idea of disguising a U2 plane with UN insignia to provoke him. It didn't work with Iraq, but we'd be fools to think they aren't trying this again. This whole Iran-supplying-the-insurgents gambit stinks to high heaven.

I realize that it's hard for people to believe they would actually start another war as this one is going so very badly. Believe it. They really do this crazy stuff as they've demonstrated over and over again.

It's obvious that everyone should be mobilizing against this next war, but once again their sheer, nutty audacity seems to have paralyzed everyone. They have a real gift for making you mistrust what you are seeing with your own eyes.


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