Thursday, February 08, 2007

A good flip-flop

I'm pleased to learn that it appears that John Edwards has done the right thing. Last night I wrote about my concerns that he would give in to right-wing pressure. It would appear that he didn't and that's good. Or, more interestingly, that he did and then recognized the error of his ways and un-did. It's best to do the right thing first. It's next best to do the wrong thing and then flip-flop and do the right thing. It's bad enough to do the wrong thing but worse not to flip-flop and correct your error.

I believe that bloggers and the Internet(s) were instrumental in slowing, if not turning the tide of, domination of the nation by BushCo. I concur with Glenn that once again it made a difference in this case.
I don't think there is much question that the blogosphere enabled Edwards to keep these bloggers. I do not believe bloggers forced him to do something he did not want to do. I think it's more likely that the blogosphere created the option of keeping them and enabled Edwards to choose that option, though certainly the prospect of alienating all of the liberal blogosphere -- bloggers, readers and donors alike -- was a factor in Edwards' decision, and it should have been. Candidates should listen more to the people supporting their campaign and less to the national journalists and consultant class which previously dictated all of their decisions.


I think that reflects well on both the Edwards campaign and, even more so, on the emerging ability of the blogosphere to positively influence the outcome of matters such as this one.


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