Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Feingold: Democrats playing it safe.

Russ Feingold is my favourite Democratic Senator and here he is again urging his colleagues to "Do the Right Thing". As Tristero writes:
Now, this is how a real 21st century Democrat should speak:
I am really troubled by the attempt of not only Republicans but leading Democrats to essentially finesse the situation we're in right now. This is not a time to finesse the situation, this not a time to slow-walk. This almost reminds me a little bit of the way Democrats behaved in October of 2002 which was trying to play it safe, trying to use words such as, "well, we're going to vote for this resolution but what it really means is that the president should go to the U.N." That stuff doesn't fly. And this kind of an attempt to go a little bit of the way just to show you�re on the other side of the President doesn't fly either.

What we need now is a strong position to get out of this situation. That's what I have proposed in a bill and we have also offered an amendment to this item that is in theory before the Senate now, which would basically strike the provisions that I just talked about, that were harmful. It's already been cosponsored by two of the most distinguished and senior members of the Senate -- Senator Leahy and Senator Dodd. So the three of us have introduced this amendment that says, look, you can't have language in this Warner thing that says you can't start withdrawing troops. It says you can't have language that talks about a surge in Al Anbar province, and you can't have language that says we can't consider reducing the funding. So this is an important moment to see if we're really going to try to end this war and frankly I'm disappointed that democrats are playing it too safe on this.
Feingold urges calling your congresscritters. Do it. Now. Say, "No matter what Bush calls it, I do not support the escalation of the disastrous war in Iraq he started. I support a full and immediate withdrawal as soon as possible."


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