Monday, December 18, 2006

The Worst of the Worst

Even before the invasion of Iraq, Donald Rumsfeld referred to the prisoners in Guantanamo as "the worst of the worst." I have always responded to such claims with a demand to: "Prove it!". The point that Glenn Greenwald and I and so many others have long argued is that it is outrageous to lock people up indefinitely without charges, without a fair trial -- without due process, in other words. I am sure that we have all heard the stories of those demonstrably innocent individuals who have been released (without apology or compensation) over the years but this story in the WaPo about the fact that over 100 prisoners in Guantanamo will soon be, or have already been, released, really puts the lie to Rumsfeld's claim.

According to a Defense Department news release yesterday: "The United States does not desire to hold detainees for any longer than necessary." So how long exactly is it necessary to hold people without charge, without proof, without a conviction?

You see, it was all just a little mistake. Jeebus! Truly, those responsible for this travesty of justice are the ones we could categorize among "the worst of the worst."


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