Monday, November 27, 2006

What will happen when the White House refuses to respond to subpoenas?

Tristero points out that, while Dick Cheney's goal of an imperial Presidency was well known long ago, the MSM didn't deem that worthy of note until recently. He points to a long-overdue article in the Boston Globe in a post of his own with the sick-joke title: Cheney Agrees To Cooperate Fully With Democratic Congress And Abide By All US Laws. Yeah... right!
I know, I know. That headline was a really bad joke:
A close look at key moments in Cheney's career -- from his political apprenticeship in the Nixon and Ford administrations to his decade in Congress and his tenure as secretary of defense under the first President Bush -- suggests that the newly empowered Democrats in Congress should not expect the White House to cooperate when they demand classified information or attempt to exert oversight in areas such as domestic surveillance or the treatment of terrorism suspects.

Peter Shane, an Ohio State University law professor, predicted that Cheney's long career of consistently pushing against restrictions on presidential power is likely to culminate in a series of uncompromising battles with Congress.
The real issue is not going to be serving subpoenas. Oh, they'll serve them all right. Nor will the issue be whether or not the White House will obey them. They won't.

No, the real issue is what will happen when the White House refuses to respond to nearly any subpoenas. One thing is for sure: Bush and Cheney are prepared to bring down the the US government rather than comply. What will Congress do then? And how far will Congress be willing to push?

[UPDATE: A question for all of you: Does anyone remember any article like this in the mainstream press or media back in 2000, that Dick Cheney has a long history of advocating replacing the president with an emperor and breaking the law? I don't. Would've been nice for the American people to know that back then....]

[emphasis is mine --bill]


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