Sunday, December 10, 2006

GWB has been arson around here

I can't help myself, I get a real kick out of driftglass:
…So having soaked the ground with pitch,

bulldozed the fire towers,

slashed the tires on the fire trucks,

dissolved the fire department,

outsourced the extinguishers to China,

disbanded to Congressional Committee on Flammable and Inflammable Oversight,

defunded the National Sprinkler Board in a tiny, unnoticed paragraph of my “American Motherhood Makes Jebus Happy” bill,

smeared every bunny rabbit with napalm,

tied oily rags to the antlers of every moose and mule deer,

rained white phosphorus, mercury fulminate, and a box-car full of truck flares over the whole, volatile mess

and publicly attacked as a traitor anyone who tried to sound the alarm…

…I now invite the dirty hippies, cowards, islamofascist collaborators, and other pro-terrorist lefties who my Party and Pravda Media has relentlessly and hysterically vilified for the last twenty years to bend over, grab their ankles and capitulate “cooperate” in underwriting my absolute failure as President and agree to share my liability for the inferno I created as well as…
A) Running the single the most criminally incompetent presidency ever.
B) Pissing away the our good name.
C) Bleeding the Treasury white.
D) Crippling the military.
E) Losing a major American city.
F) All while obstinately steering the nation into the greatest geopolitical catastrophe in modern American history.
That's a pretty good description of the State of the Union under Boy George, don't ya' think...?


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