Monday, September 10, 2007

The "values" party

Driftglass comments on the "values" party label:
Big question: “After the Larry Craig scandal, can the GOP continue to be the values party?”

My short answer; not so much. Maybe in the very short-term, but GOP Base voters are not just irrational creatures. They are proudly irrational creatures. They do not reason their way into logical policies; they rationalize their way backwards from their fears and hatreds into the Party of God.

And Party Leaders know it.

The pig people are all Hard Drive and no RAM. To compensate for their tiny brains, tiny penises and tiny futures, they ache to rain righteous fire down on some-fucking-body. And because there is no other category on Earth in which they will ever rate as Superior, they have concocted a Faith and a Dogma which tells them they are Superior at the one thing their Invisible Daddy in the Sky God (surprise!) says is most important: Rigid Morality.

Or at least their creepy, perverted, inverted definition of Morality.

And they are getting all twitchy because these days just as they get all wound up good and lynchy-tight, and work up a good head of steam, they run around the corner and smack into the fact that they are being led by the Mothers of All Moral Failures.

And y’know, repeatedly slamming your head into a solid wall of you-are-completely-fucking-wrong-about-everything is just the sort of thing that could lead a person to all kinds of existential crises and reevaluations...if this were not the Base of the GOP we were talking about.

Ah, but it is the Base we’re talking about.

And the moment someone gives them the right coded sound bite -- cranks up the fear a few more notches, amps up the talk of “San Francisco” liberals and plasters the church bulletins with Scary!Queer!Stuff! -- they will obediently return to their factory default setting and resume marching lock-step into the Dark Ages.

Because that’s is who they are.

And nothing short of their electoral extinction will ever stop them.


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