Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wallace, Nixon, GWB

I can't help myself... driftglass is like music to my ears.

George “The Decider” Wallace standing in front of the door to the Foster Auditorium because, like George “The Decider” Bush, Wallace had:
1. A massive, corrupt and morally degenerate empire to defend.

2. An open and truly Imperial contempt for the rule of law and the rights of others.

3. A large Base of squealing pig people who would loudly support any crazy-ass shit he did. In fact the more barbaric, disgraceful and un-American he acted, the louder they cheered.

Fuck you.

Nixon tried exactly this shit with the Watergate tapes. Hanging onto them like grim death, and issuing his own, redacted, abridged “Archie and Jughead” version of the transcripts. Trying to dictate terms like a pasha, while swearing that he was being more than fair.

However if six years of Republican rule has taught the non-lobotomized citizens of this country anything it is this: Unless you put them under oath with a jail term pointed right at their heads, Republicans will look you straight in eye and lie and lie and lie.

Without conscience.

Without remorse.

Without hesitation.

Without breaking a sweat.

And they will lie about anything.

A lie, a broken law, an illegal war, a government staffed with hacks and imbeciles, a lost city or two…all just means to their ultimate end of a perfect, government-free Corporate feudal state. That is their Godhead, and in the pursuit of that ideal all things – all villainies, all slaughter, all vivisections of American values and law – are permitted.

Just like his little behind-closed-doors-not-under-oath-with-no-transcript- while-sitting-on-Unca-Dick’s-lap “talk” to Congress about his complete failure on 9/11, Bush is doing nothing less than standing in the nation's schoolhouse door and baring his blood-tinged fangs at the citizens and Constitution of the United States.

Sorry, Boss Hogg, but your GOP already set the bar for how aggressively Presidential Administrations are to be treated whenever there is the slightest whiff of anything untoward -- no matter how trivial. Your crimes are a millions miles higher than anything that went on during the Age of the Big Dog and yet, by Clinton-era standards, you’re gotten nothing but the kid-glove, mint-on-the-pillow, happy-ending treatment.

So now your sleazy sycophants get to suck on it.

Administration officials can, of course, choose to do what they have done for the last six years; flagrantly defy the law and the will of the American people in furtherance of their own corrupt and criminal schemes.

Of course, if they choose do so in this instance, the 101st Airborne should be sent in to pry their snouts out of the Koolaid Troughs long enough to drag them by their wattles for a hot squat in front of Congress.

Sure the tear gas might be showy, but sometimes a little theater is justice’s best handmaiden.


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