Sunday, March 11, 2007

Rovian fingerprints

Digby makes some interesting observations about Karl Rove's involvement in the U.S.A. firing scandal and an argument that it's high time something is done about it. The first observation is that he (Digby) had suspected earlier (since confirmed) that there was Rove stink all over the purge.
A couple of days ago I speculated about the US Attorney purge:
This little gambit has the mark of Rove all over it. The Arkansas crony was his little house boy. He even made the mistake of defending the decisions today and drawing himself into it publicly.

It's long past time for Bush Brain to testify before congress, don't you think?
The second is some interesting (especially if you're a movie buff) information about the person they fired.
In case you missed it last week, here's a little bio of Iglesias, the man whom the heroic Karl Rove axed for political reasons:
Iglesias, an evangelical Christian, was born in Panama, where his father was a missionary. His family moved to New Mexico when he was 12. After graduating from the University of New Mexico's law school, Iglesias became a Navy judge advocate general.

In 1986, he was one of three JAGs who represented Marines accused of attempted murder for a hazing incident that their lawyers argued was encouraged by commanders at Guantanamo Bay. The successful defense helped the Marines avoid serious penalties, and the case inspired the hit Broadway play "A Few Good Men" and the later film. Iglesias was not consulted during the production of the play or movie.
And finally, Digby shares his opinion of the execrable Karl Rove.
Karl Rove and his pals have systematically set out to make Republicans with integrity an endangered species.

Rove continues to be paid by the taxpayers of the United States and needs to be called to testify before congress on his role in this. I suspect that the White House will claim executive privilege for this political henchman, but they should be forced to do that. The American people need to be reminded that they are paying for this assassin and that his boss, the president of the United States, is protecting him. It's all part of the big picture that's emerging about Republican rule.


Rove no longer has any policy responsibilities. He's the white house political guy, period. He failed to keep control of the congress. He has no job --- unless it is putting out all these political fires. Dirty politics has, in the end, turned out to be the only thing he is really good at.


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