Thursday, March 29, 2007


Jane Hamsher at FDL says:

For years journalists and pundits have bent over backwards to keep people (and I use the term loosely) like Rush Limbaugh from tagging them as "liberal." Are they now getting squeamish because their videos are going viral, and folks like Glenn Greenwald are calling them GOP tools?

Matthews today called bullshit on wingnut Terry Jeffrey, who said Hillary Clinton's position on the war was "incoherent":

MATTHEWS: You know what's more incoherent? The views of people like you and other traditional conservatives. You've never liked this war, but you went along with it because the leader, Bush…


MATTHEWS: You don't like this war Terry, Pat doesn't like this war, Bill Buckley doesn't like this war, and yet you went along with it….

Jeffrey starts to babble GOP talking points about what a bang up idea it was to invade Iraq, to which Matthews responds:

MATTHEWS: I'd love to have you under oath on this, because I think you guys deeply questioned this war. If this was Clinton's war, you wouldn't have fought it.

As Digby notes, the elite pundits of wingnuttia have been babbling horseshit they quite obviously didn't believe for years and nobody bothered to call them on it. Being publicly challenged like this must be quite gobsmacking to them.


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