Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Howie Klein has this to say about the Clinton - Obama kerfuffle and this interesting observation about Obama-mania.
The Clintons wigged out and all those Lieberman type Inside-the-Beltway monsters that claim to be Democrats but always make sure Republicans win and now work for Hillary, went to work on Geffen. Oh, that's going to do a lot of good! So Is Hollywood going to desert Hillary and flip to Obama? I didn't get my instructions yet-- although maybe they're in the mailbox and I'll see 'em when I get home tomorrow. Hillary sure comes off kind of even creepier than usual in this episode, though. Gee, I hope someone else gets the nomination.


An aside: when Obama was running in the Democratic primary for Senate I helped throw a fundriaser for him in L.A. People filed in and deposited their checks and he spoke, just like all fundraisers. And then something happened that never happens-- and I mean never-- after Obama's speech everyone started scrambling for a flat surface so they could write a second check. That's was the moment I knew he would win.


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