Thursday, January 04, 2007

Over there

Driftglass waxes eloquent on the wingnuts "manufacturing one more fascist bedtime story".
What this manufactured outrage is not about, of course, is the reality of what is going on in Iraq.

What is really going on in Iraq – facts that no one disputes – is…

…murdered civilians showing up in the streets every day, being stacked like cordwood in the morgues.

...squads of armed sectarians ruling the streets.

…our pet Prime Minister all but submitting his resignation because his government is a joke and his country is ungovernable.

…our soldiers being shoveled down the meatgrinder for nothing more than George Bush’s lies and George Bush’s ego.

This is about the Dribbling Third who cannot cope with the idea that their Dear Leader lied them into this mess and then fucked it all to hell-and-gone. That these CHUDs who sneered at the "elite" and then loudly/proudly elected and then re-elected a dry drunk halftard, have now been shown unequivocally to have been one of the greatest generations of dupes and losers in American history.

Everything they "knew" with such passionate certainty has turned out to be a lie.

Everyone they put their absolute, cultist faith in has turned out to be a liar or a fool or insane.

Oh and soooo much worse, the Dirty Hippies were right all along.

For thirty years they screamed that the Dirty Hippies were destroying democracy, and for thirty years they have clawed and slimed and lied and cheated their way to Glorious One Party Christian Conservative Rule.

And now, for six years, the Dribbling Third -- the “STFU, we won!" Conservatives -- have had a blank check to operationalize their dearest masturbatory dreams. Absolute license to run nekkid through the Treasury, appoint Creationists and Oil Industry hacks to sensitive positions to their heart’s content, and bomb the shit out of anyone who looked at ‘em cross-eyed.

And they have succeeded in fucking up everything they have touched.


Every. Single. Fucking. Thing.


Blogger liberal journal man said...

It's frustrating to watch John Boehner and Mitch McConnell talk about working together. The Democrats have every reason to rewrite the legislation of the last six years and shut them out of the process. If we've only experienced failure, then why would we compromise with it?!

9:46 PM  
Blogger Bill said...

It's like with a two-year old -- the only time sharing is required is when the other kid has the toy. What pathetic, hypocritical screw-ups.

8:01 PM  

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