Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fox's election weekend propaganda marathon -- "Way more dangerous than Nazis"

Glenn Greenwald warns us about how Faux News is acting as a megaphone for BushCo's "All Fear, All the Time" message just in time for the election.
The irony that pervades this film, as well as Fox's promotional fear-mongering, is so glaring that it's hard to believe that anyone would overlook it. The central point of the film is that evil Islamic extremists are using fear-mongering tactics to get Muslims to hate the U.S. Worse, Islamic leaders -- in order to induce a desire to fight -- are telling their followers that they face a deadly and evil enemy which wants to dominate their countries and destroy them and their religion. The film menacingly explains that they even tell their followers that they are engaged in self-defense and that fighting is necessary to preserve their values and to survive. What sort of monsters would use rhetorical tactics like that?


This is the poison that the Bush movement has been feeding to this country for five years now, and like all toxins, it has had a devastatingly corrosive effect. Fear (and the desire for destruction which naturally accompanies it) is the only substance that fuels their movement, which is why the likes of Fox News, following in the footsteps of the Leaders whom they serve, have devoted themselves to the only goal they know -- flooding the country with as much fear as possible in the hopes that it will save their dying movement from full-scale political collapse.


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