Sunday, January 15, 2006

More Debunking of the Abramoff Bi-Partisan Myth

It's hard to believe that anyone who has followed the Abramoff scandal could believe the crap that the RNC is flogging about it being Jack's (as opposed to a Republican) problem and that he gave money to Democrats too. Simply put: Jack Abramoff is a Republican hack who never gave a cent to Democrats. The only truth to the RNC claim is that Indian tribes (who were clients of Jackoff's and people whom he cheated out of millions of dollars) gave money to Democrats. Not the same thing at all and also not inappropriate or illegal. He has not been charged with giving money to people. He has been indicted by state and federal authorities for money-laundering, fraud and offering bribes. Indeed he has already pled guilty to the federal charges and has agreed to testify against others. This is a Republican scandal -- all the people indicted, implicated or connected to it are Republicans. This is the Republican Culture of Corruption writ large.

Jane, Atrios, AmericaBlog, Crooks&Liars and MediaMatters are all over Deborah Howell's (the WaPo's Ombudsman) latest attempt to obfuscate this fact.


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